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Aura Mist

Relieve, hydrate, and tone your face with a simple spray of the AURA Mist. Enhanced with soothing and hydrating organic ingredients. This will be the last face mist spray that you will be using. 
Here's why:
AURA Mist Spray, recommended and trusted by doctors and medical practitioners, and here are the Benefits of AURA Mist 
  • Instant skin detox
  • Slows down Aging
  • Vanishes Blemishes
  • Represses wrinkles
  • Improves skin elasticity
  • Revitalizes skin
  • Instant glowing clear skin
  • safe for babies , pregnant women and lactating moms
It is an energizing mist formulated to provide instant freshness for any tired dry skin. The powerful micro droplets of Aura Beauty Spray delivers highly oxygenated water designed to instantly refresh, hydrate and soften any thirsty, dull skin.

For maximum skin glowing effect, spray mist all over face and neck daily, and freely. AURA Mist can be used anytime, anywhere, with or without make-up. Carry a bottle a bottle with you all the time for an instant refreshing relief from heat, sweat, or tired and try skin. Safe for all skin types. Use as desired. 

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